What’s all the confusion? Place Cards, Escort Cards and Table Numbers do I need them all!

spring 2013 2 I just saw a Q&A in a popular bridal magazine about the use of seating cards at a wedding.  Place cards, escort cards and table numbers all have an important purpose at a formal wedding.  The cards help to guide guest to their seat for the reception.  As Wendy has noted in the past “Nothing is more exciting than seeing your name written beautifully on a lovely set table.”

A001_C015_0424D1 An escort card tells guests which table they will be sitting at and has their names (couples are written on one line, single guest each have their own line).  These cards are usually placed alphabetically on a entry table so guests can easily find their spots.
A001_C029_04248Z The place cards are already on the reception tables, situated at individual place setting to indicate where each guest should sit.  If the guest has made a specific food choice the place card is usually marked so the wait staff place food at the correct place setting.



The table number is a prominently displayed sign on each reception table that bears a number or name so guests can easily find their place.